W.A.S.P & The Treatment, Nottingham Rock City, 19/09/2015

WASP / The Treatment

Nottingham Rock City


Live Review & Photography: Gary Trueman

The Treatment


It’s not often you see Nottingham Rock City this full this early for a support band that have only been around for a very short time. Their lively hard rock has an edge to it that could scythe corn and tonight they play like their very lives depend on it. It’s interesting that they’ve been chosen to act as support to the legendary W.A.S.P. as many might have expected a more traditional metal act.

The choice is right on the money though as the crowd love them and they prove to be a more than worthy warm up act. While the music is fast and furious it also has some nice deft touches that smacks of a band heading in the right direction. Add to that Mitchel Emms highly impressive vocals and it’s not hard to imagine the Cambridge five piece returning in a few years as a headline act.


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheTreatmentOfficial



Much has been spoken about Blackie Lawless over the years. He courted all kinds of negative press early in his career, none of which did him or W.A.S.P. any harm at all. When heavy music started looking towards Seattle and Florida though the band fortunes took a dip but to their credit they kept soldiering on putting out a series of critically acclaimed albums. With latest release Golgotha marking the end of a six year lean spell you can sense the appetite for the band inside Rock City. Now recovered from a very serious injury, a particularly nasty broken leg, everyone is clearly very keen to see Lawless back where he belongs – on stage.

It doesn’t take long for the crowd to go delirious. Not only is the wild rocker back but he’s brought his A game with him tonight too. Agile for someone half his age he sounds fantastic and uses every ounce of experience to work the fans into a frenzy. This is a sublime performance with new material fitting seamlessly in with old favourites and the odd obscure song. Such is the back catalogue that the hour and a half or so the band play could easily have been doubled without a drop in quality. It’s a notably selfless performance from the old hand too, giving plenty of spotlight time to the other band members. It’s a credit to Blackie that age hasn’t seen the dreaded ego trip creep into his show. It makes for a more complete and rounded set overall.


Having recently returned to his Christian roots you might have expected some kind of preachy diatribe at some point. What we get instead is a few short and well directed observations about music and how great it is to be back on the road. All the time you feel this is a genuine and quite humble man simply doing what he does best, what he loves doing and what he’ll never stop doing. He might have put on a few pounds (haven’t we all) but this was a cracking performance from one of metal’s elder statesmen. Based on tonight’s show W.A.S.P. look like being around for a long time yet and that can only be a good thing.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/W.A.S.P.Nation

Live Review & Photography: Gary Trueman

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