The Subways to release new EP

This wonderful late-summer video, directed by Libby Burke Wilde, was filmed at several international festivals that The Subways played in the summer of 2015. The shots of 40,000+ people waving along or jumping up and rocking out in unison with the band fit perfectly with the sentiment of the track, as singer-guitarist Billy Lunn explains…  “The lyrics to ‘Good Times’ are essentially my daily mantra put into song. I suffer badly with depression, and when the bad days come along, I always remind myself that “I wanna live and never die, I’m never giving up the fight, I wanna sing, I wanna breathe”. When we finally put the song together, I felt vindicated that we’d turned bad feelings into a really good thing – every time we perform it, I feel a rush of blood and passion and energy, and I’m reminded why I love what we do so much.”

The ‘GOOD TIMES EP’ is out 25th September 2015 and available to pre-order on iTunes from the 14th September 2015. Pre-order the EP here:

Lead track ‘Good Times’ (Album Version) is accompanied by 4 excellent live recordings from the band’s festival performance at Open Air Gampel in Switzerland this summer. ‘Good Times’ is taken from the band’s self-titled 4th album out now.

More info at:

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