The Idol Dead – ‘Dark Little Hearts’

TheIdolDeadDLHThe Idol Dead are a 5 piece from the North of England combining elements of rock, metal and punk. This is something they do very well indeed, and Dark Little Hearts is a perfect example of their ability. ‘Blue Skies’ Kicks in with a very typical 4 chord progression riff and when the band kicks in it just sounds huge. This is clearly something they sought to do, to make a very loud and unapologetic punk album that grabs you by the horns. ‘Six Feet Under’ follows perfectly with its shout-a-long vocals. No doubt a crowd pleaser and its chorus will have you bouncing around the room.

There’s a strong grunge influence too as I hear hints of bands like Alice In Chains in the groove ridden ‘Dion’ and the metal riffs of ‘You Don’t Know’. The album is full of energy to the point of it spilling over the edges, but has a vibe which can only be seen as optimistic, even more so through the pop-punk vibe of ‘Hey Girl’. I love how the album flows and ironically about half way through is well placed punk ballad ‘I’m Drowning’ with its female vocal counterpart courtesy of Claire Cameron (sounds like Dido) forcing vocalist Polly to up his game, which he does exceedingly well. Album closer ‘Beautiful Disaster’ initially tricks you into thinking you’re in for another ballad before leading into a guitar lick worthy of G’n’R, an outstanding track.

This 5 piece are frankly outstanding and Dark Little Hearts is an incredible album, an 11 track rollercoaster and a guitar explosion. The production is raw, yet professional and the musicianship is top notch, killer solos throughout, once or twice taking you completely by surprise. Vocalist Polly has hints of Dexter Holland and Davey Havok yet is in a league of his own. The fact that this band is British is a real shock as I believe if they were to get one or two tunes on American radio they would become superstars overnight.

Check it out, you know you want to and thank me afterwards.


Track Listing

1) Blue Skies

2) Six Feet Under

3) Vampire

4) Dion

5) Hey Girl

6) Bad Fiction

7) I’m Drowning

8) Bleed

9) You Don’t Know

10) I Don’t Wanna

11) Beautiful Disaster


Review: Gavin Smith  


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