Shinedown- Threat to Survival


For some years now Shinedown have been one of those bands bubbling away nicely, learning their craft and building a career properly from the ground up.  They’ve worked hard, they love to integrate with their fans and when last album Amaryllis came out they looked to have taken important steps towards a bright future.  That was three years ago, quite a gap by today’s high turnover tour, album, tour rollercoaster.  Sometimes three years without new music can see a band wither but because this band have been constantly touring, keeping fresh in people’s minds, the opposite has happened.  Fans are hungry for the new album.  They won’t be disappointed.

It’s difficult to know where to start because in every department Threat To Survival is better than anything Shinedown have put out to date.  The song writing is consistently high quality with each tune coming across as a little individual masterpiece.  The structure, attention to detail and lovely way the melodies ebb and flow is breath-taking.  Nothing is overdone, everything fits and you find yourself being drawn along on a kind of magic carpet of hard rock sound.  I should also add the production is spot on too, you can hear everything perfectly.

The real icing on the cake is Brent Smith’s statuesque vocals.  With what is a quite diverse record you’d be able to forgive the odd slip in timing or a not quite there moment with one or two tracks but he nails the lot.  It’s such an impressive display that I can see big acts clamouring to get him on the now common guest spot, even acts outside rock.  Alter Bridge have often been tipped as a band to make it big, to be potential large festival headliners.  Shinedown recently supported them on a UK tour.  With this album and the ability to convert recorded music into fantastic live performances it could well be that the Jacksonville quartet can start to stake the same claim themselves.  Right now it looks like there’s no threat to the survival of Shinedown at all, in fact they could be about to become one of the giants of the rock world.

Review: Gary Trueman.


  1. Asking For It
  1. Cut The Chord
  1. State Of My Head
  1. Outcast
  1. How Did You Love?
  1. It All Adds Up
  1. Oblivion
  1. Dangerous
  1. Thick As Thieves
  1. Black Cadillac
  1. Misfits

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