Secret Rule – Transposed Emotions

Secret RuleFormed at the beginning of last year Secret Rule has been very busy indeed; not only have they joined forces with Rocksector Records but they have already produced a full album in Transposed Emotions. The Roman quartet has certainly not been dragging their heels as its debut album is set to blaze the gothic rock market, so no further ado do we delve into the minds of the Italians.

It opens with ‘The Journey’, which provides a rather solid base to consider as their sound, yet the surprise as the rest of the album becomes very clear indeed. Using the base of sound of gothic rock and female empowering vocals, Secret Rule delve deep into the coffers of the gothic scene by blending each of its sub type genres into one fast paced, evocative album that transcends the sound to an eclectic fervour of Goth Metal. Truly sticking to their motto of always being ourselves, Secret Rule produce a sensational journey of gothic metal from keyboard heavy, techno and riff heavy beats that produce the perfect reflection of the gothic metal scene in one album. The album name really does capture the full essence of the diversity of what’s on offer, it really is full of transposed emotions, giving and taking, sending you in one direction then diverting you into another with a blink of an eye. By the time ‘Lifeless’ purrs into existence you have already been subjected to an array of different sub genres of gothic metal that you really can’t help but smile and just accept the eclectic versatility of Secret Rule.

Throughout, the clean and sultry vocals of Angela Di Vincenzo dazzles the senses, it’s the vocal range and purity of her voice that really captures the sound so well; of course it helps having the right set up and lyrics to make any voice work that that case is certainly true here. There is a clear foundation of Italian gothic metal that blends it all together, a sound made famous it can be argued by Lacuna Coil and you can certainly here the influences here along with the likes of After Forever and Xandria. The guitar chords of Andy Menario, ex Martiria guitarist, really structure the songs with just the right amount of rhythm and sound; the lead meets rhythm riffs come out perfectly with ‘I don’t Wanna Be’ as the heavier notes really dominate the track and truly captivates the sheer skill Andy provides the sound of the entire album. Yet even with the boisterous guitar riffs, the bass really lends itself with enough panache that Michele Raspanti can be heard throughout and its more than just that background bass line to add depth and a bit of a deep sound; the drums of Ruben Ramirez is a constant beat that keeps you on your toes and it shows with its simplistic, yet authoritive presence in ‘Sleep Forever’ and ‘True Friend’. The stand out tracks that really captivates what Secret Rule is all about, then ‘Secret Place’, ‘My Doors’ and ‘True Friend’ would be the perfect choices to consider.

This is an impressive opening to their career and it certainly looks like Secret Rule has that staying power sound that will get fans flocking to their doors with the right support slots. Andy Menario certainly has the right formula in Secret Rule and they could ignite that spark so many have in the goth scene once again. This is a very promising start, and one that will light that passion for the gothic style of music in everyone.

Review: Aaron Emerson

  1. The Journey
  2. The Sin
  3. True Friend
  4. Lifeless
  5. Sensation
  6. I Don’t Wanna Be
  7. Sleep Forever
  8. Reena
  9. My Doors
  10. Secret Place
  11. Vision
  12. Dawn of Crisis


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  1. I just read Aaron Emerson’s review and i cudnt have written such a brilliant piece like that.. All i can say is i heard two tracks and bawt the album completely besotted by Angelas voice. I absoloutely luv it.. If anybody likes heavy rock or metal music, yoo will luv this album, Brilliant musicians and Angelas voice is the cream and the cherry on top.

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