KoRn & Hacktivist @ Brixton Academy 02/05/2014


Whilst it was billed as the Paradigm Shift tour, you can’t forget the fact that this year marks 20 years of Korn and tonight feels more like an anniversary party than an album tour. This being their only UK date this year, the nu-metal icons make a sold out Brixton academy their bitch once again as they produce one of the best live shows you will see hit the UK this year. ARREEE YOUUU REEADDDDYYYYYYY?

hacktivistBefore that though, it was time to see how Hacktivist would handle a venue of this magnitude. The grim-metallers have gathered so much momentum since their EP release almost two years ago and with new material in the making, they really are a bright hope for British music. Being the only support act of the night, they had a big job on their hands as the only warm up for Korn. However it’s safe to say they absolutely smashed it and whoever was doing their sound tonight needs a medal because the band sounded flawless, from the minute they took to the stage they’re rap-metal anthems sounded they belonged in the aesthetics of such a big venue. With a continuous circle pit lasting their whole set, the band got everyone bouncing, moshing and dancing along to their sound. Tracks like ‘Unlike Us’ sound monumental and that cover of ‘Niggas In Paris’ is a welcome treat for everyone tonight, job done.

Brixton was packed to the rafters, as fans from all corners of the country came down to witness Korn’s only UK show of the year. This was going to be special and the atmosphere inside the venue was reaching boiling point. Their dreadlocked silhouettes appeared behind a black curtain as they opened up with the absolute banger ‘Falling Away From Me’ as the tightly knit 5-piece proving why they are one of the best bands on the planet. From here on out it was a setlist that celebrate everything from their debut Korn to their latest triumph The Paradigm Shift this was a career spanning set, which brought the fucking house down.

This band have been playing with each other for decades and with Head now fully back in the band, it’s gives us great pleasure to see these songs banged out with so much velocity, yes they might be considered old timers now, but holy shit they are unstoppable at the moment. It’s surprising that Brixton could contain such a thing. Jonathan Davies’ voice is as recognisable as ever, as he sounds like a man rejuvenated and filled with all the fire of someone half his age, acting like the elder statesman of nu-metal titan, he is a real performer. With Head and Munky laying down those iconic ear shattering riffs, whilst Fieldy pummels us with those beefy bass lines, the band are better than ever!

korn1‘Got The Life’, ‘Here To Stay’ and ‘Coming Undone’ all make appearances, which melt the faces of the Brixton crowd. Newer tracks like ‘Love and Meth’ and ‘Spike In My Veins’ from their latest album The Paradigm Shift, fit in perfectly along with the classics. Davies busts out the infamous bagpipes with their stage set up mocking everything within the world of pop culture, it felt like a proper late ’90s Korn show and it was a complete nostalgia fest. Leaving the stage with the crowd exuding more sweat than a men’s sauna, it was time for one of most explosive encores in recent times. To say we got treated is an understatement, with all three tracks coming from their explosive debut album, with ‘Clown’ and ‘Helmet In The Bush’ sounding as relevant now as they did way back in 1994, but it’s the nights closing song that really sets the world ablaze, with the ultimate classic ‘Blind’ producing utter chaos.

Korn still remain one of the pioneers in the world of metal and with live shows like this, they are still one of the best bands on the planet right now. The band look rejuvenated and sound better than ever, here is to the next 20 years of Korn!


Headliner Setlist

1)      Falling Away from Me 

2)      Twist 

3)      Got the Life 

4)      Love & Meth 

5)      Narcissistic Cannibal 

6)      Dead Bodies Everywhere 

7)      Spike in My Veins 

8)      Get Up! 

9)      Did My Time 

10)   Shoots and Ladders / Somebody Someone 

11)   Coming Undone 

12)   Here to Stay 

13)   Never Never 

14)   Freak on a Leash 


15)   Clown 

16)   Helmet in the Bush 

17)   Blind 


Review : James Hingle


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