Jamie-Lee Smit, Mon Amor Monique


Taking time out from Azylya, her metal band, Jamie-Lee Smit gets a chance to show off a softer side with her first solo album.  The Belgian singer has made quite an impact writing often dark lyrics and has gained notable success in Europe.  Here initially things sound a bit lighter, indeed the music is similar in strength to that of Anneke Van Giersbergen, a kind of mellowed out rock.  You do get odd moments of well planned discord too such as on ‘Comme Un Soldat’ with its off beat timing and ‘Histoire De Serpent’ which has needle sharp guitar production.  This makes the album more interesting although it sometimes could do with a bit more pep.

Of course this is a showcase for Smit’s vocal ability and this it does well.  The songs are written to accommodate some nice sopranic work without it all ending up screechy while at the other end of the spectrum the contralto doesn’t sound forced.  Bravely most of album is written avoiding English which is great on songs such as ‘Tara’ which flows beautifully.  There is a tendency for a few of the songs to sound a bit mournful, a bit slow.  This is at odds with the rather vivid sound which may have some reaching to up the bass a bit.  Mon Amour Monique is a solid solo debut with one or two flashes of brilliance that carry it across the line.

Review: Gary Trueman


  1. Club 27
  1. Revivre
  1. Tara
  1. Bye Bye You
  1. Route 66
  1. L’amour De Freddy
  1. Comme Un Soldat
  1. Sur Le Piste Des Elephants
  1. Histiore De Serpent
  1. Waiting For My Ghost

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