Interview with Tommy Cooperman of Breathe Carolina

breathe carolina
Guitarist Tommy Cooperman of Breathe Carolina recently chatted to Get Your Rock Out’s James Hingle about the new album ‘Savages’ and more!
1) Hey, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us, how does it feel to have your number album ‘Savages’ out?

It feels awesome ! This was a long time coming ! We are super proud of this album and we are loving watching it take life.


2) How has the reaction been to the new record so far?
Amazing ! We charted #1 dance which to us was the most important thing with this album. There are always going to be kids who don’t like something but that’s OK!!

3) What was the main inspiration’s behind the album both musically and personally?
We went through a lot of stuff this past year and I think that really comes out lyrically , as far as music we just really wanted to commit to making this a dance record through and through.


4) You worked with the likes of Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria and Tyler Carter from Issues, what was it like having them feature in your tracks?

It was awesome , they came in and killed it. Both of them are ayah characters !


5) What do you hope to achieve through the release of this album?
We really want to cross over into the dance world. We have always been kind of tethering there but we feel like with this album we can really make waves.


6) How would you describe this album to someone who was picking it up for the first time?
7) How does this album differ from your previous efforts?
We just finally found what we want to do and where we want to be.


8) Charting at number 22 in the US Billboard 200, how did that feel and was it something you thought you could ever achieve?

To go through everything we have and then have the biggest release this band has ever had is something we can’t even put into words. So grateful.

9) This is the first album without former member Kyle Even, what has been like not going into the album campaign without him and how does the dynamic work on the live circuit?

We just had a new vision on what we wanted and how we felt. The love aspect is the best it has been EVER. Things could honestly not be better.

10) When can we expect to hear these new songs live in the UK? Got any plans to get over here anytime soon?

We are talking about it!
11) What have you guys got planned for the rest of the year?
A lot of djing , warped , some other festivals and a fall tour!

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