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It would be hard to imagine what the UK rock scene would be like without bands like The Dirty Youth. Their infectious melodies and creative song writing has made them one of the fastest rising young groups to have emerged over the last few years. In Danni Monroe the group have one of the finest vocalists around, with a voice of astonishing power and clarity, they are after all Welsh so anything less simply isn’t an option. Gary Trueman spoke to Danni about touring with InMe and Ashes, election haters and how she ended up knowing so much about hair care.

The new record Gold Dust has just come out and someone has asked if you’re going to put the whole thing on Youtube. That’s a bit weird isn’t it?

“Yeah, that’s caused a stir on my Facebook, loads of people have commented. Dave from InMe (The Dirty Youth’s tour partners) has written on it as well. Loads of people these days, I just can’t believe how cheeky some people are when they personally write to you saying where can I download it for free? It’s like £7.99 on some sites, it’s like the price of a Big Mac.”

This tour, InMe, The Dirty Youth and Ashes has got a lot of people talking, a lot of people are excited about it. How’s it gone so far?

“Really well, we’ve had three sold out dates so far so you can’t really ask for better. It’s a different crowd for us and they’re all digging it as far as I can tell. We’re doing well on merch every night and getting a lot of good feedback online after the shows.”

You had a massive crowd at Download last year. Was there any follow up from playing such a big event and doing so well?

“Yeah it was excellent, everyone was raving and we got excellent reviews. I didn’t look at the crowd at all before we started playing. I made a conscious effort not to.”

The crowd was massive for you then got less afterwards which is always a good sign for a band.

“I didn’t know that because we were straight off doing press afterwards. As you go off stage they whisk you off. We didn’t even get to our dressing room that’s how rushed it was, we literally ran and they packed the rider up and we didn’t even go in there. It was really a good manic manic day.”

A bit topical. You spoke out against people getting a lot of hate for each other on the recent election. Do you think people have taken it way too far and people ought to respect somebody else’s viewpoint?

Dirty Youth“Exactly. We’ve got a right to vote for a reason, it’s everyone’s individual right. Why should anyone else get a say on who other people vote for? It was like my friends and family members, they were all like don’t speak to me, not my personal family members but their family members, don’t speak to me if you voted this or voted that. I thought that was really childish.”

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

“This isn’t a lie; I’ve got InMe’s new record in my CD player in my car at the moment. We did a swap first day of the tour. Apart from that, it’s so eclectic because it depends on who gets the front seat in the van. There isn’t anything in particular it’s just a mix of everything from old to new.”

In the van do you fight over what gets played?

“Yeah generally. No one is ever happy because we’ve all got different tastes. Today we were listening to The Smiths all the way up here.”

Didn’t that make you drive slower?

“No. Leon was driving and he loves The Smiths so it was foot down.”

You’re a trained hair dresser and often comment on line about your hair or ask for opinions on Facebook etc. Is it something you do outside of the band?

“No. I trained in it after I got expelled from two high schools when I was thirteen and fourteen. They put me on permanent work experience so I was in a salon for the last two years of school and left with a level two qualification. By the time I could actually leave school and decide what I wanted to do I quit hair dressing and went and got a full time job that paid. Then I joined a band the year after that. I never really had to go back to it although I do friends and family for fun and I take an interest in my own. Alberto Balsam is one pound and I take that on tour and it’s wicked.”

Spill the beans on something we might not know about The Dirty Youth.

“I think everyone knows I’m a Jack Daniels fan. It’s all there on our DVDs and tour documentaries. We’re a bare all band.”

The Dirty Youth’s new album Gold Dust is out now.

Questions: Gary Trueman

Photo: Fiona Harold


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