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GetYourRockOut chatted recently to Seprevation guitarist Ian Aston about their upcoming tour and their unique slant on extreme metal.

You toured with Bonded by Blood earlier this year, how would you describe the experience?

The tour was great thanks, tours always are! We had 7 nights playing with Bonded By Blood and they are super nice guys and obviously a really great band so it was awesome to see them every night doing what they do best! It was a hell of a week, 7 nights of heavy drinking and smoking and thrashing out!!

Best crowd?

For me either Bristol or Manchester. Bristol is always great, it’s our hometown so we have great support here, and Manchester was just wall to wall bodies, everyone up for a night great night from the first band to the last. Great fun.

You’re on tour with Bloodshot Dawn next, I believe Josh McMorran was the tour manager on the Bonded by Blood run?

Yes, Josh was the tour manager with Bonded, he’s also our band manager so it was good to have him out with us. We’re really looking forward to touring with Bloodshot in October-November so check the website/Facebook for details and we’ll see you at a show!!!

Consumed is your first full length album, what impression did you want it to have on prospective listeners? What key things did you do to ensure that the Seprevation sound was exactly as you wanted it to be?

We wanted to make the impression that we’re not the average 2 year life cycle band, and that we mean what we’re doing. In terms of the sound, it was a matter of trial and error to see what tones worked best for us, but mostly it was working with Stefano Morabito in Rome that did it, he’s amazing at his job. He’s incredibly patient and wants the band to sound at their best, which is perfect.

Watching you perform live I was particularly impressed with the prominence of the bass, both in the overall mix and by virtue of it often taking the lead in a song, was this always the intention or did it happen organically?

It’s a bit of both. When we found Lluc we were massively impressed with his ability and wanted to utilise it to its fullest, and we’ve all always hated it when you can’t hear the fucking bass! Either live or on albums, it’s there so why can’t you hear it, you know what I mean?!

My colleague Alex Bishop reviewed Consumed and was particularly impressed by your seamless blending of thrash and death metal elements. With that in mind, who are your biggest musical influences and which aspects of thrash and death in particular do you utilize most in your writing?

Obviously a lot of our influence comes from old school thrash and death metal bands, like Sadus, Death, Morbid Angel, Megadeth et al, and we just like to take influence from each and put it into one big pile of shit!

You filmed a video for ‘Slave to the Grave’, what was that experience like? Do you have plans for more videos?

That was an intense day!! We filmed it at the same place we did our first video for ‘To Rid Their Will’, but you’d never know it. We spent a few hours covering the walls in black fabric to blacken everything out, then had a few hours of shooting, then make-up, then a few more hours of shooting! We filmed with Doug Anderson (ex-Bloodshot Dawn. We’re quite good friends with Bloodshot Dawn haha) again and it was an all round good experience for all of us. We do have plans for further videos, so watch this space!

One thing I have to ask about is your experience of winning the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition. What was it like to advance through that contest and then to play at one of the country’s biggest metal festivals?

The Bloodstock Competition was great for us. To play a bunch of shows with the best bands in the area was immense, but to come out on top was unbelievable. We’d only played our first gig about 2 or 3 months before the competition and had no thoughts of going all the way through, it was surreal! The show itself at Bloodstock was equally crazy, partly due to the fact that we played Sunday morning and hadn’t exactly been taking it easy on the Friday and Saturday, but mostly down to the fact that here we were, playing, as you say, one of, if not the country’s biggest metal festival (I mean, come on, we’re talking metal). We can’t thank Simon Hall and the fans in Bristol enough for giving us the opportunity, we’re eternally grateful for that chance!

Finally do you have a message for all of our readers at Get Your Rock Out?

Thanks for the support and for taking the time to read this interview! Consumed is out now, buy it because it’s really fucking good and come to a show!!! Cheers!

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