Interview with 2 Cards of 25 

Interview With Felicity Hall 


 Hey guys! So, last time we saw you was on your UK tour with Monument and Outloud – how did you find that? 

Hello there! It was a great experience to be on the road with these 2 amazing bands and be able to share stories and stage with them, the energy was great and you can feel the brotherhood among bands

Did you find UK crowds are responsive to your style of music? 

We have been really lucky with UK crowds so far, they really dig our sound and vibe but I have to say Scotland has been one of the best, very passionate the Scots are!

You’ve got a new single coming out on MGR soon- tell us all there is to know about that! 

Yes! Well we don’t want to talk much about it until we get the final touches done but all I can say is that its going to be a full on rock n roll 2 cards of 25 in your face kind of song!


You’ve currently got an EP out, are you looking to record your debut full length album soon? 

Well funny you mention that because we got actually a lot of material recorded already so there is definitely an album in the making which is not too far from seeing the light!

Do you feel that today’s music scene works better releasing many EPs or a select few albums? 

Well I think that is very relative and works differently for different bands also depending on the genre but I would go for Ep’s first before making it into a whole album so people know what to expect and get excited about it

You have a session lineup on the road with you – will you be using the same people for new recordings, or are you looking to use somebody else for this? 

We got just a session drummer for now who has the potential to be an official member of 2 Cards of 25, we ll see how thing works out in the near future, we sound good and yes we are the same people in the studio as in live

Will you be looking into settling on a final band lineup soon? 

That’s the idea really, we are all brothers and this is our passion; we take this very seriously and the band is our life

Over the next 6 months or so, what plans have you got? 

Well we have a lot to do, we have quite a few projects with the band, we got this single coming out soon and eventually the album so there are a lot of arrangements to be done so we are going to surprise you sometime in the very near future!

Here’s hoping that we see you on the road soon! 

 Thanks a lot! We shall see you on the road indeed to rock out!



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