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You’ve just released your EP Dead Ends – are you happy with the response you’ve had from that so far?

Absolutely. It’s been fantastic up to this date and the feedback has been incredible. It’s refreshing to hear that people think we’re bringing something new to the scene. We try to not get ahead of ourselves though because there’s still a lot of work to do to make sure everyone can hear Dead Ends. But it’s safe to say its great to hear people dig it.

It’s being given away as a free download – why did you decide on that way of doing it?

I think at this stage we just want to get as many ears wrapped around Dead Ends as much as possible. I think it’s important for small bands to do this early on so fans can actually get invested into the music your producing. Money never has been a big deal to us and anyone can of course choose to donate when they download any of our releases. And we greatly appreciate it when they do! Certain critics may bash small bands that they’re damaging the scene and industry more by releasing free music but I think that if you are a good band and have good music, fans will support you in many other ways. It’s not all about that!

Do you think the next release from you is going to be a free download, or would you look at doing the next one differently?

We’re not entirely sure really at this stage. The next release is far off at this stage but we’re always writing music. I expect we’ll end up doing that or something in a similar fashion to Dead Ends.

Nicely done on your week long UK tour! How did you find that?

It was fantastic! It was our first proper set of dates and we couldn’t of asked for a better “debut” tour. It was fantastic to play and make some good friends along the way. We Are Carnivores smashed it each night despite their drummer having only one arm to play with. Trash Boat, Homebound & Six Time Champion looked after us well in London. The only disadvantage to the tour was travelling from London to Scotland (which took about 10 hours in heavy traffic). We also found nowhere to stay that night and had to resort to camping on a Scottish beach at 3am in the pissing rain. our tent wasn’t waterproof either..that sucked a lot.

You’ve supported some great bands in your time, do you prefer support slots like these, or do you prefer the headline shows of your own?

We’ve played very few headline shows. Personally i prefer the support shows especially when you support a band you look up to. I think our favourite so far has to be playing with The Swellers in Bristol. We’ve loved that band for years and to play with them was a dream come true for Harry and myself. It’s safe to say we definitely lost our shit at that show

You’ve also recently released a video – do you guys enjoy making videos, or is it not something that you’d necessarily look forward to doing?

I always enjoy making videos. It’s important for us to come up with a cool and original concept for a video and we feel we achieved this for “The World Has Got It In For You” video. However, they are exhausting to create, especially after fourteen hours shooting but in the long run it’s worth it. We’re currently looking into shooting our second video and we’re already excited with the ideas floating around.

It’s getting towards the end of the year now, but what are your plans for next year? Should we be expecting more shows?

Our current aim is to just play everywhere and anywhere in support of Dead Ends for now. It’s something we’re immensely proud of and want to truly put the effort into it and do it justice. We’ve just starting writing some new music so we hope we can release something in the first half of 2015 and are looking into doing a few surprise releases before that as well. For now we’ll just keep on rocking!

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