Interview with Øystein Landsverk of Leprous


We recently had the chance to chat with singer/guitarist Øystein Landsverk of Norwegian rockers Leprous!

Hey guys, great to catch up again! You’ve finished a USA/Canadian tour, and a European tour before that, how did that go for you?

Hey! We have indeed. They both went very well actually. It’s been a while since our European tour last year, but it was a great run and we played a bunch of cool places. We tried at lot of venues we hadn’t played at before, so there were some ups and downs, but overall it was very good. London and Paris were particularly awesome! As for our US tour, we’ve just come home from that. It was a bit of a low budget tour that we built around the show at Prog Power USA. We’ve played there before, and we felt it was time to go for some more shows over there, and visit Canada as well! We have a lot of US and Canadian fans that have requested more shows, so we were very happy when we finally were able to go through with it! The turnout was surprisingly good and the fans over there are very dedicated/

Euroblast looked absolutely amazing – did you enjoy it?

Thanks! Absolutely! We always enjoy playing live, and Euroblast was no exception. They have a great stage and a cool venue! Lots of great bands too, so we had a really good time over there. We hope to come back later!

The last release we had from you guys was in 2013 – have you been working on new material lately?

We’ve been working on new material ever since we came back from the last headliner tour in Europe actually. We have come a really long way since then. The whole process started out with very rough sketches of about 30 songs. Some of those ideas were actually the result from a songwriting trip at a cabin in the mountains! That was nice, and something we hadn’t done before. Anyway, the next step was reducing that count by only pursuing songs that had a good potential in them. That left us with about 15 songs that we worked much harder on. After another round of elimination, so to speak, and more testing, we are left with a small subset of the original 30 songs that we feel are good enough to be on the final album. In November, we’re starting out with drum recordings, and naturally everything else after that.

The tour later with Haken & Maschine is looking to be absolutely stunning – what kind of material can we expect to be hearing that tour?

We’ll be putting on our A game and do the best possible show from all our material! We always try to make setlists that makes sense with the aim of giving the audience a complete and meaningful show with a combination of awesome songs. That being said, Coal is our newest album, so if you’re into that you’re very likely to hear some of your favorites from that!

It’s a great tour package, and the UK seems really appreciative of it – are there any plans to take the same lineup over to Europe at all?

I think it’s going to be an awesome run! We’ve never done more than our single shows in London so far, so it’ll be great to expand some more, just like we did in the US. Haken and Maschine are really good partners to break into that market, so we’re are all looking forward to this run. If things turn out good, we’ll definitely include some more UK dates on future tours! At the moment, there are no plans to do the same lineup in Europe, but who knows. If enough people want it, then who are we to say no…

When that tour is over, what plans have you got after that?

Our plan is to commit ourselves 100% to the recording of our new album. As mentioned, we will start in November recording drums, and we’re probably gonna be busy doing that, the rest of the instruments and vocals etc. for a few months. Besides that, we are always looking for places to play and people to meet, so we’ll see what the future brings!

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