Interview with Nate Bergman of Lionize


Hey there, great to catch up again. Last time we spoke was in Manchester at the show with Clutch, and it seems like you’ve been doing a lot since then! UK-wise, did you find the dates with Clutch really helped to build a profile over here?  

Yes, absolutely. Coming over with Clutch exposed us to the an incredible and vast audience in the UK. We owe them much the success we’ve had in the last few years, but especially in the UK. The shows last April were fantastic.

It’s great to have seen you back here so soon – how did you feel the Lord of the Riff tour around the UK worked for you?  

It couldn’t have been better for us. It was great to tour with the other bands we’ve never toured with before, but also the majority of the crowds were there to support us and that felt great. So many Clutch and Lionize shirts in the crowd and familiar faces from the previous tour with Clutch.  The support from Classic Rock and Metal hammer and Kraken was also good, it really put our name out there.

Shuttle BackWhen it comes to getting back to the UK, would you be looking at doing another tour like Lord of the Riff, or as support on a tour like the Clutch tour?

I’m not really sure what the next plan for the UK is but I’m certain we are trying to plan on coming back soon.  We truly love playing here.

It’s great to see that you’ve got dates with Clutch booked in the States for December and January, and at the House of Blues too – so exciting! I’m guessing you’re looking forward to that hugely?

We always look forward to touring with Clutch. It makes so much sense to us on an artistic level and they are one of the best outfits to tour with from band to crew. It’s really just going out and performing with friends, very family oriented atmosphere. Everyone is there to support each other and the fans are very receptive. We know we can’t always tour with them, but when we do it’s a pleasure.

Your latest album’s made it onto quite a few ‘Top albums of the Year’ lists, so nicely done on that score. Are you still happy with the way it’s turned out, or are you now looking back at it and wishing you’d done things differently? 

I think we are very happy with what happened musically on that album. We spent a lot of time we made sure it turned out how we wanted. I think when you look back at an album you hear little things here and there that you would change, but ultimately it’s a statement that we were making at that time. That’s what the live show is for anyways, making those little changes that you didn’t have the foresight for in the studio.  Naturally we grow quickly as a band into new material, so I think it’s more of us focusing on how to make the next album the best it can be.

Chase LaughingHave you started working on new material already?

Yes, we have started and are very early on the process of writing a new album.  We are very excited about the direction it’s going. It’s too fresh to say much more, but it’s really exciting.

Do you have a vague timescale in mind as to when you’d like to get a new album out?

None whatsoever. We are focusing on playing more live shows to promote Jetpack and write new material when we can.

The rest of the year’s looking nice and busy for you, what plans have you got for next year? We’re hoping very much to see you back in the UK! 

We are currently planning the rest of 2015 out, I can definitely say we are trying to get back to UK when it’s right, but sooner than later for sure.   2015 will hold more shows and new songs which is the usual operating system for the band.

Thanks so much, and chat to you soon.

Thanks for taking to the time to do the interview and for the continued support. We will see you soon!

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Cover Photo: Lauren Dean

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