Interview With Luke Machin Of Maschine


We recently chatted to the front man of Brighton prog rockers Maschine about the upcoming tour with Haken and the new look to his band!

Hey guys, great to catch up again. I think the last time we spoke was at HRH Prog a year and a half ago, I know it’s impossible to remember everything, but what’s happened since last time we spoke?

We’ve been very busy with writing, a couple of member changes and various members working in other projects. So very busy but the good kind of busy.

I’ve heard that you’re currently working on material for album #2 – how is that coming along? Do you have a release date in mind for this?

The music is pretty much finished for album #2 and now i’m currently finishing all the vocal melodies and other embellishments that will complete the compositional stage to then record as soon as we can all agree on a time that fits all our schedules, so no specific release date yet but sometime next year.

This time around, compositionally, I’ve focused on our strong points and what key elements Rubidium portrayed and brought them to the surface to create a more controlled, cohesive Maschine sound. Having only released our debut “Rubidium”, just over a year ago now, it was made up of songs spanning a five year period when I was into very different music and had a lot of raw, youthful tendencies alongside a nurturing approach to song writing. I think you can hear this in the production of the music too. This was purposely done to not create an over produced album and have the raw youthful energy of the band and the songs that I hope will stand the test of time. It was all relevant to what we were then as opposed to what we are now, and having that youth and creative mindset helps produce a sound that’s your own and aids in the discovery of the bands identity.

This album is a lot more direct with a more cohesive and structured arrangement with colours of technical ability but illustrated in a more mature way. It will be a different approach to production, keeping it fresh and hopefully exciting in all these areas.

Will we be able to expect any new material on the Haken/Leprous tour?

Yes, we will be playing one of the lengthier tracks on tour from our upcoming album which were very excited about!

Each one of you seems to be involved in SO many other projects too – is Maschine the main priority for all of you, or is it more of a side project?

With us all being modern musicians, we’re all in various projects but Maschine is our main home where we want to focus our energy and sustain a long life of new creative music.

You’ve also had a new addition to the band recently – tell us all about Marie-Eve!

Marie-Eve is an incredible talent. Her background and tastes within music are again very different to everyone in Maschine so this brings another dimension into the band. She is extremely in touch with melody so much so I can ask her to sing something and she’ll have it down not just first time but with control and elegance. She has an incredible voice with a serene tone which very much lends itself to the Maschine soundscape. Marie has astounding timing as well so anything I throw at her technically, rhythmical etc.. she can quickly internalise and deal with ease on keys, voice or flute. So we’re all very excited to be playing a string of gigs with her in the next few weeks.

See you then!

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