Interview with Dave McPherson November 2014


Having enjoyed his acoustic performance at The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes recently, Get Your Rock Out’s Gavin Smith caught up with InMe and Centiment front man Dave McPherson for an in depth chat!

Gavin: Tell us about Journal of a Journey Buoy – what was the background of it  

Dave: Last year I wrote & recorded a song for every day of the year which left me with 365 ideas. This album is my pick of the bunch but refined & redeveloped & recorded in a proper studio rather than from home. Lyrically I wanted to make it as personal as possible, almost to the point of it being hard for me to listen to in the presence of others. Musically, it ties in nicely with that intimate feel & is reflective of my usual live style, one voice & one guitar.

Gavin: After recording the full band effort of Dreamoirs how did it differ to then record a stripped down to basics album? Was it always your attention?

Dave: I think no matter what I’m working on I’m always subconsciously reactionary to what I did before, in the sense that I went in the opposite direction with no bells & whistles this time. The next record will likely go another completely different tangent!

Gavin: You’ve said that the ‘Theme’ from this original solo trilogy is now complete. Does this mean a new theme for future releases? Where do you plan to take your solo work next?

Dave: I plan too far ahead seemingly as I’ve already got titles, themes & the recording methods set (not in stone) for my next two solo albums! I’m not going to give anything away at this stage though as I’m concentrating on this one for now!


Gavin: You’ve favoured the fan funding platform for a while now. Do you believe this is the future for music?

Dave: For me personally it is. It just suits how I work & how I want to interact with my audience. The old way is dead for me & nowhere near as fulfilling, satisfying or fun.


Gavin: 2013 was The Good People Movement and 2014 was Kind Strangers what is the idea behind these projects? Have you enjoyed them and what do you hope to do in the future?


DM: They keep me busy outside of my main releases. I’m currently working on Ice Sculptures too which are basically personalised songs for Christmas gifts. It’s very liberating to just come up with an idea & roll with it & I haven’t been able to do that in the past. It’s kind of like when I was a kid making music or simply creating things with a bit more of a personal touch than simply manufacturing CDs & being part of the business side of music, which I don’t really enjoy.


Gavin: You’re touring in December with Centiment, how has the response been to this latest project ? Are there any further releases planned?


Dave: This year has been an amazing “beginning” for us. The response the album & live shows have had is overwhelming & we’ll certainly be doing more.


Gavin: Finally, 2015- the InMe trilogy- what can you tell us ?


Dave: It’s going to keep us very busy! If you like InMe’s music then you’re going to be truly spoilt next year! It’s 3 albums with separate musical themes based on birth, life & death but everything ties together. There will be staggered releases & therefore much more InMe shows than we’ve done for the last couple years.


Gavin: Thank you for your time Dave, and we will see you on the road again soon.


DM: Cheers chap.

Interview: Gavin Smith


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