Herod – interview

Herod – interviewer: Michael Coyle


So first off how did the tour go and would you say you enjoyed Manchester?

The tour was a blast! We released our debut album May 2014 and one year later we tour with 4 legends, the greatest experience of our lives. We played amazing venues in front of massive audiences and every band was really nice to us. We made friends for life and gained a lot of fans. England was especially great, perfect conditions on and off stage and great crowds.

Before a show like this what do you do to prepare?

We prepared all the gig the same, we all have a ritual, we make a « scrum » all together and we are drinking a few drops of Carmol, which is a Swiss herb drink with 70% alcohol!

What was the best part of the tour for you and why?

Best part was the great conditions in the venues and touring with a liner.

Are there any plans for the band to tour the Uk again at some point?

We only have a booker in Switzerland yet, but would love coming back to UK especially but rest of Europe as well.

When a new fan comes to watch you live what can they expect to see in terms of stage presence and sound?

Herod is all about energy, weird time signatures and dark vibe… We are influenced by Meshuggah of course but we also have something of Neurosis.

What plans does the band have set for the new year?

Back to rehearsal and working on the second one!

What bands inspired you to start playing?

I started this band as a solo project 10 years ago. Mainly Swedish bands as Breach, Meshuggah, Cult of Luna but also The Chariot, Alice in Chains, Amenra and King Crimson.

What new bands would you recommend?

A Swiss band called Closet Disco Queen or previously Coilguns.

Any words for the fans at home ?

Thanks to have an interest in Herod, we’ll try to work hard next year to provide some heavy and distorted tunes for the next record!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HerodNoise/

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