Hell Puppets- Theatre of Sin

Hell P

It’s rather apt that the new Hell Puppets album should be called Theatre Of Sin because their music is a bit like the most desperately depraved music hall sound track.  Punk metal is something we should all be familiar with by now and horror punk is also tried and tested.  Mixing up elements of both and throwing in a large helping of death metal attitude gives this wonderfully original band real bite.  Imagine Meathook Seed mixed with The Residents and you’ll get a fair idea of just how dark and brutal this album is.

Importantly the actual music hasn’t been overlooked.  In fact some of the passages are superbly put together with great thought going into what is a quite an atmospheric end product.  Some of the songs are short, very short in fact.  ‘Drugged Up Shark’ runs in at just over a minutes worth of frenetic mildly experimental P.I.L. sounding mayhem.  This is not for the faint hearted.  Adding to the general feeling of unease are the disturbing vocals which vary from track to track without ever losing a slightly demented edge.

With a growing reputation as a bunch of lively nutters on stage and a recent well received set at Bloodstock under their belt this could and should be the album to take the Hell Puppets from underground safety to bedroom wall renown.  With some of the old guard of parent baiting bands now well past their prime there’s a gap in the market for the next big dose of shock rock and the Hell Puppets look a good bet to fill the void.

Review:  Gary Trueman

Track Listing:

  1. Bow Bells
  1. …From Hell
  1. Hung Drawn And Slaughtered
  1. Born To Die
  1. Project Mayhem
  1. Political Diarrhoea
  1. Drugged Up Shark
  1. Halloween
  1. We Are The Enemy
  1. Morbid Mirror
  1. The Decunted
  1. Face The Reaper

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