Eureka Machines – Brain Waves 

Album review by Gavin Smith

eureka machines - brainwaves

This has been a very hard album for me to review and this has been a combination of the anticipation of waiting for the follow-up to the frankly outstanding Remain In Hope and then the realisation after just the first listen that I knew this was the greatest thing they had ever done.

 ‘Paranoia’ kicks in like an old school punk anthem but laden with melody flowing effortlessly into belter ‘Television’ with its beatle-esque harmonics and chunky guitar riffs. Later highlights include ‘Brainwaves’ with its almost 90s Brit Rock tinge and even a guitar solo, and ‘Every Day I Thank the World I Cut You Off’ which upon reading the lyrics is quite a deep dark song and one that all too many people can relate to.

When the album hits ‘The Golden Lonely’ this is where it takes a turn though and it appears to get a lot more serious and mature musically and lyrically. True they have dabbled into edgier territory on previous efforts but there’s a lot more depth here. Brain Waves gets a lot more personal and touches strongly on topics of depression, anger and isolation. A personal favourite here for me is ‘Vulture Of The Culture’ and although many have stated that, yes, the chorus does follow a similar vein to Oasis’s ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Vulture’ is far superior and possibly the most aggressive song from these guys. Closer ‘We’re Going to the Future’ is in a word epic and will be an instant fan favourite.

Brain Waves was never an intended record as Chris has stated that he always saw Eureka Machines as a 3-album band so I wonder if he went into this album with a clean slate to work with? The album excels everything the band have ever done before and having recently listened to the entire catalogue from start to finish you can clearly hear a band finding their sound, and with Brain Waves they hit the ground running.

Fan funding has been a big part of this record. The relationship that these guys have with their fans is fantastic and humbling and along with this album their pledge campaign also offered a live DVD and a free 80’s EP which was fantastic.

With a market over saturated with over-produced artists and one hit wonders it’s truly refreshing to have a band who have built a career based on good songwriting, and fingers crossed there is still much more to come.

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Track List:

  1. Paranoia
  2. Television
  3. Sleep Deprivation
  4. Brainwaves
  5. Human
  6. Every Day I Thank The World I Cut You Off
  7. Welcome To My Shangri-La
  8. The Golden Lonely
  9. Vulture Of The Culture
  10. Neuro Bolero
  11. I Miss You
  12. We’re Going To The Future

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