Epic Death – Witchcraft

Review by Gary Trueman


It’s one thing for metal to be split into a bewildering mass of sub genres but you’d have to be mad to try and unite them again wouldn’t you? You’d think the result would be much like trying to glue grandma’s porcelain tea pot back together after smashing it. It would be the same shape more or less but all the cracks would show. Incredibly that’s what Houston’s Epic Death have somehow done on their debut album Witchcraft and the result is something that still holds a good brew.

Of course taking all the best bits from the church of metal and assembling them in some kind of pleasing order does mean you get the odd cliché but that’s more than made up for with genuine horn throwing music that still has real originality to it too. While the music itself has a symphonic tinge to it there’s still some hammer blow crunch courtesy of the well defined rhythm section and unselfish guitar work. Best of all is Dennis Dorsett’s vocals which sound like he gargles with nails but you can still hear every word on every lyric. I can think of a few well known extreme metal frontmen who would do well to listen to Dorsett – and learn from his example.

While the band’s own music is excellent I have to admit the song that really brought a smile to my face was a cover of Alice Cooper’s Poison. This puts the epic in death and justifies its inclusion in the group moniker. To take a rock anthem and make it your own while staying sympathetic to the original shows real class. Epic Death pull it off with aplomb. On paper Witchcraft should sell by the bucket load, it does after all cover most of the bases. It deserves to do well too, it’s a fine album, epic in fact. Let’s hope sales do it justice.

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Track Listing

1. The Hide
2. The Vendetta
3. Dragon’s Blood
4. Stay Away
5. Witchcraft
6. Poison
7. Screams From Valhalla
8. Eye Of The Storm
9. Karma’s A Bitch
10. Incantation Of Epic Death

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