Cavorts – ‘Got Your Brass’

CavortsThe first time I saw these guys was completely wrong. They were supporting Dragonforce and Alestorm, when they should be with bands like Hacktivist, Bleed From Within and Polar. Their album “Got Your Brass” is fresh air when it comes to hardcore music. From the first track to the last Cavorts bring an array of quality riffs, melodies and rhythmic styling that it’s sure to keep any metal fan entertained, at least for a little while.

The album opens on the title track ‘Got Your Brass’ and it’s automatically clear that these lads aren’t messing around. They go straight for the jugular, with an intense, heart pounding pace that doesn’t let up for the rest of the record. Also with songs like ‘Kicks and Strikes’ and ‘Pig of Ballast’, Cavorts more than prove themselves as relentlessly heavy. Even though this is a hardcore album, they don’t shy away from including some well-crafted melodies as they are well written and make the song infectious and catchy. Also they have written some really interesting and out of the box lyrics. Their use of lyrical creativity open the doors to a lot of playful wordplay witch just complement the music more with each listen.
I really can’t take anything away from this album; I think I’ve just been taken off guard on how good this album is, as I really wasn’t expecting nearly this much going in to it. The musicianship on this album is absolutely quality and will be something that will reward the listener the more they listen to it. Songs such as ‘Pick Up The Hammer’ and ‘What’s Cracking’ just pop and sound fantastic.

Overall, the whole album is surprisingly entertaining. The creativity that’s been thrown into an otherwise tiring genre is hugely rewarding to listen to. Cavorts are now on my “ones to watch” list.

Review: Mick Birchy

Track listing:

1. Got Your Brass
2. Pig of Ballast
3. Wait On
4. What’s Cracking
5. Kicks And Strikes
6. Rubbing Rags
7. Pick Up The Hammer
8. Save Some Things
9. Look After the Pack
10. By The Tide

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