Breaking Bands Festival 2015 – The Get Your Rock Out Busker’s Stage Saturday Review

BB Acoustic

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Having arrived on the Friday night and had a chance to get the feel for this, the first Breaking Bands Festival, I knew straight away that the Busker’s Stage was a great idea. With the main stage indoors, the Busker’s times were scheduled to mean that when everyone came outside in between bands for a cigarette, food or a mooch around the stalls the music kept on coming. This kind of attention to detail was typical of the whole weekend, the organisers being festival veterans themselves, both attending and working them, have, they say, seen “the good the bad and the ugly” from both large and small events and wanted to do things a little differently.

Being the old lightweight that I am, by the time I got to the stages Saturday’s first band had already begun their set on the Session Studios Main Stage. The atmosphere was already party and true to the plan as the band finished indoors, the small crowd flowed outside into the sunshine. Unfortunately New Generation Superstars are running late, but the MC, Badaxe, gives a tune or two in his own unique style until with a shout of “Thank f*ck they’ve turned up!” the band appear and take the stage. NGS

They were “a little bit ropey in rehearsal” but as they open with an old school summery, catchy tune it is clear to see that despite the rush these guys are accomplished enough to pull it out of the bag without a problem. A good bit of in-between song banter and some well-chosen covers as well as great original tunes done well mean that New Generation Superstars are a great way to kick off Saturday.

From here on in the acoustic sets are split into two lots of 15 minutes during changeovers inside. The sun is shining, the beer is cheap and the crowd ebb and flow between the stages. If Ian Bourne is nervous about playing to a load of hungover metal fans it doesn’t show, his easy chat and slightly quirky style fit right in and the highlight of the first set is “A song about zombies – from the zombie’s point of view”, unfortunately I didn’t catch the title! IB

The second set is more of the same, providing a pleasant breather between plugged in sets, and includes a version of the creepily fantastic ‘Psycho’ which I used to have on tape, sung by Elvis Costello and haven’t heard since. Several things about that scenario took some explaining to my 24 year old friend, but it was great to hear it again. When I got home I sought out the Eddie Noack original. FYI, Ian, I prefer yours and Elvis’s versions.

Tone Tanner opens with a cover of Dr Feelgood’s ‘Milk and Alcohol’. The sun continues to shine, everyone is a couple of beers in and the vibe is relaxed and friendly. The crowd is getting bigger and we are all enjoying these sits out on the grass.

TTTone Tanner’s steel guitar blues style perfectly fits the atmosphere. His sets are well appreciated with plenty of clapping, cheering and singing along.

A Tower of Crows open with a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and bring something different to the Acoustic stage.

ATOC Some of the high notes in Temple of the Dog’s ‘You Call Me a Dog’ are pretty high and the vocal loses a little at these moments but this is a really enjoyable set, well received and I was looking forward to seeing what they did on the main stage the next day already. Their second set included a Lady Gaga cover. Poker Face to be precise. Why not.

There was a surprise guest slot up next. Ben (Haerken) and Christina. Apparently it was Christina’s birthday and to mark the occasion she had been given the opportunity to sing. This is one of the reasons I loved this festival so much. The vibe was so friendly, so family that things like timetables were changed without a raised eyebrow, as long as the music and the beer kept coming. BC

Christina’s beautiful folksy voice was lovely to hear and brought big appreciative cheers between songs. The girly covers were maybe not as attentively received as some of the earlier acts but even so the summer vibe continued throughout their lovely, but short, set.

So we come to that time in a festival when everyone starts to flag. After the excitement and inevitable beers of the night before and the eleven am start this morning, the crowd could be forgiven for being a little subdued. However, The Idol Dead have the antidote. Their acoustic set is upbeat and includes a fair few songs from their plugged in set.

IDOL The crowd are soon tapping and clapping along and the band are so at ease with the format that the whole thing just feels perfect after the excesses of the day so far. It’s not a gentle set by any means and finishing on I.D.O.L. they ask the crowd “Are we the best acoustic band of the day?!” From the cheers that went up at that point I rather think they were.

Review & Photos: Fiona Harold

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  2. Hey, thanks for the kind review. The “zombie” song is called “RE: Your Brains” and was written by Jonathon Coulton

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