Bloodstock Festival 2016 – New Blood Stage – Sunday

8. Rabid Bitch of the North6

Visions of Disfigurement

10:30 in the morning on a Sunday, and a packet out tent? It could only mean one thing – Manchester based Visions of Disfigurement sure as hell knew how to get people out of bed in the morning. Heavy, slamming death metal is going to clear those cobwebs and get those heads banging, and these guys made that happen. There was no other choice for the New Blood opener this morning that could’ve worked that well, and the Manchester lads should be supremely proud of this stunning performance. AM


Sunday morning brought us Leeds based progressive-tech band Pteroglyph on the New Blood Stage. Despite the early start of 11am on the last day, the tent was full of eager fans old and new. They delivered an impressive set full of tight technical musicianship tied in with front man Jimmy’s vocals which offered a nice mix of both clean and growled vocals. Tech metal seems to be taking the metal community by storm at the moment and having seen a lot of upcoming bands slot into this genre, Pteroglyph have managed to craft something that sounds far more mature then a lot of their new and upcoming brothers in the scene. They powered through the set with seemingly little effort, but full of much needed emotion, with Jimmy keeping the crowd entertained throughout. A great performance all round from these guys, I haven’t been sucked in by a band this good for a long time and they come highly recommended for tech fans far and wide. Here’s hoping it’s onwards and upwards for the Pteroglyph chaps with some bigger performances in years to come. AC


Salisbury’s Kahtet played instrumental progressive tech metal. In terms of a show there isn’t much to look at on stage which after a full weekend of bouncing frontmen and onstage antics does make Kahtet stick out somewhat.  Instead they chose to let the music do the entirety of the talking, which it must be said is a bold move in a festival environment. Musically they were quite cerebral, painting dynamic soundscapes which ranged from heavy and savage to slower tranquil parts. Lacking vocals there was no distinct verse chorus verse structure and the set was quite ambitious in that respect. It’s presented somewhat as a journey, a single long piece of music. This was for the most part quite a departure from usual New Blood fare and I think it worked well in demonstrating the diversity and plethora of talent within the UK metal scene. RP

Far from History

Although the New Blood wasn’t full the crowd came out in force for Far From History; their fantastic stage presence helped them keep the crowd entertained and although their sound was more generic metalcore they had a similar sound to Atreyu or As I Lay Dying. They were pretty slick with a very well-constructed style and had some serious promise. The harmonies were really stunning and were very catchy in places; the nice amalgamations of soft vocals with demonic screams really created the perfect pitch for the sound. There was great  rhythm to the heavier riffs to make you want to move; they were very charismatic, young and full of promise. Definitely one to watch out for in the future. AE

I Saw the World Burn

Midlands metallers ‘I Saw the world Burn’ were one of the most hyped bands from the New Blood stage. The product of that hype was obvious as they played to a packed out new blood tent. This was a powerhouse performance of brutal grooves and riffs and was chock full of energy. The most obvious part of their performance was vocalist Katie’s seemingly inexhaustible energy on stage. From dry raw vocals to brutal screams it was as intense performance as you’re likely to find at Bloodstock; at one point whilst playing songs from their new EP Barren she proclaimed that the next song was music to punch your friends in the face to. Stunning. RP

Art of Deception

As one of the European contingent for the New Blood Stage, Art of Deception brought their tell-tale Scandinavian melodic death metal riffs from the Norwegians. Dressed in white shirts splattered in black war paint they looked intimidating in that stage; they showed just how incredibly gifted they are with their impressive solos and thunderous riffs. They may not have the best stage presence but their style was very good and the crowd looked to have found a new band to follow, well done lads, and damned good set. AE

Rabid Bitch of the North

It was as if the New Blood Stage was their second home as Rabid Bitch of the North graced the stage again; their trad metal with elements of metalcore had the decent sized crowd going from the start. For only three guys, they do well to use the stage to their advantage by spreading out perfectly to dominate the stage. There wasn’t anything major to write home about, typical riffs but catchy as hell, fully expected riffs that kept you interested and their interaction with the crowd was solid. The gathering watched on in intrigue, I mean the band name alone will make you want to have a peek at them. They really did well with the throng as nice little “rabid bitch” chants showed that they knew what they were doing and the crowd were really getting into the music. This was a decent showing from the Irish trio and once again showed why they have graced the stage yet again. AE


As we started coming to the more business end of the day, Firebomb took to the stage with their traditional hair metal style of the eighties. They may not have dressed up for the occasion but the sound was very impressive without it and it brought back memories of some of the better bands of the time. They pulled in a damned good crowd and much like their influences the reaction to the sound they gave showed how much the style is still very much alive but how easy it was to really get into it. Their stage presence was impressive and the twiddly solos were reminiscent of the legends of the eighties. The riffs were chugging away nicely with high octane levels of riffs; the tasty riffs, have a slight element of stoner rock in there and the high pitch vocals reminded you of Van Halen or Thunder. All in all, this was a good display and really had the makings of something to look forward to in the future. AE

The John Does Burial

Heading up the Polish contingent for the New Blood Stage were The John Does Burial. Donned in white face paint and looking every inch the part, the shreddingly heavy guitars, guttural growls and fantastic sense of rhythm showed the audiences just why they’d been brought over from Poland to grace the hallowed stages of Bloodstock. AM


Sometimes you just need a bit of fun and when it comes to great fun, Chronicles brought it to us. The lyrical aspects of everything geek from superheroes, anti-heroes, T.V. series and movies was the major aspect to the music, well that and the chugging riffs and incredible bass line thumps. The dual vocals created an enticing mix of growls, screams and clean parts that really lent to the lyrical content of villains and aliens; the tent was packed out as the crowd sank their teeth into the tracks and set. Their interaction was fantastic with the crowd, with plenty of banter and ribbing themselves over their weight and other aspects of their music; the superb stage presence made them a joy to behold, a fantastic set, with incredible songs that really made you think of your childhood and for us proud geeks out there. There couldn’t be anything more pleasurable than listening to songs written about your passion. I doff my hat to you, my heroes of the day. AE


With their own uniforms Valous looked like something out of a Rookie Blue; the biggest issue for Valous was that a guitar not working properly in the first part of the set meant there was an issue with the overall sound, those bloody gremlins had migrated. This was good decent hard rock, just what you need; it was a great tonic for the day with impressive riffs that were catchy and irritatingly infectious. There was a bit of a Sabaton look but instead of the army look, they look like stereotypical American cops. They had incredible crowd interaction; Mat jumped off the stage and up into the crowd using the barrier to sing from, giving high fives to the front row and mini moshers. It was a good performance and the hammered stage took great satisfaction from the boys from the home of metal music. AE

Footprints in the Custard – We come to a band that within Manchester needs no introduction.. Footprints in the Custard are a band that makes drinking a sport, mankinis fashionable and inflatable dongs a weapon of choice. The show as always showed us how to enjoy life at its best and this is the band that will certainly usher in the new era of party metal, as it stands they are party metal incarnate. For any person who was lucky enough to get their Bloodstock sampler cd you’ll see song titles so awesome it is unreal! Footprints in the Custard are the band of the weekend for any person as their live show in general is what it’s all about- and fun for all the drinkers and thinkers. MC


On first impression these guys looked like your average bunch of alternative types – long hair, tattoos, a few piercings, metal band tshirts, looking slightly nervous but at the same time hyped to play the New Blood stage. The first song began, and all that was forgotten! Their unique blend of metal was instantly addictive, proper head banging groovy metal at its best. The screams that come out of the vocalist (Craig) are truly Earth shattering, and their crowd got bigger and bigger as the set went on, eagerly forming circle pits and a wall of death, responding to the band on stage. They truly have the talent and potential to get far, keep an eye out for them! IE

Reviews: Aaron Emerson, Rich Price, Amie C, Mike Coyle, Ivor Edwards

Photos: Heather Mc & Rich Price


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  1. This is really kind of you to comment on our little band, Chronicles. We too had tremendous fun and we’re glad you dig! Hope to see you guys soon.

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