Bloodstock Festival 2016 – New Blood Stage – Saturday

Ten Ton Slug BOA16 NB RP (12)Black Ink Sun

Black Ink Sun had a great stage presence and the audience reaction they had proved this. Opening a stage so early is never an easy job, but they did it so well! They started a wall of death and circle pits throughout their set, gave out free EPs to the expectant masses and brought their fantastic stage show to the Bloodstock faithful. The highlight of their set for me was the amount of audience interaction they brought with them – constantly egging the crowd on to more and more movement, and a set I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. JS


Taking on the New Blood stage we had Bearfist bringing us a kind of desert rock, hardcore style that had a bit of groove smattered all over the place. The tent was heaving and the Chelmsford quartet showed that they deserved to be there with some typical aggressive vocals that you would expect from the hardcore style. They were another diamond in the rough for Bloodstock, another golden nugget that are hidden in the depths of the UK and they proved just how good our metal scene is on the unsigned side of the pool; their chugging riffs were reminiscent of those of Hatebreed, and the crowd loved, it, these guys are on the ascendency. AE

Ten Ton Slug

Performing to a packed out tent at midday mid-way through a festival is the stuff of dreams – well, Ten Ton Slug achieved all that and more. Representing the plethora of phenomenal Irish bands gracing this year’s Bloodstock Festival, Ten Ton Slug did themselves and their country proud by absolutely smashing it – their set was sludgey, groovy and heavy – pretty much everything a Bloodstock Festival crowd could want from the beginning of their last day of music. A fantastic performance from the band, and one they can go home being very proud of indeed. AM


This trio from the borderlands of the West Country certainly flatter to deceive. Looking fairly meek as they walk onto the New Blood Stage, they unleashed a bludgeoning array of grimy doom riffs that are up there with the heaviest of the weekend. Taking their cue from the likes of Conan, the vocals were sparse and sporadic; almost a side dressing to the main course of sludge and hardcore. Try and imagine a Helmet 7 inch played back at 33rpm (vinyl is cool again isn’t it?) Some might think it a bit repetitive, but the nice hardcore style faster sections help to break up the monotony for me and make them a band well worth watching. Check ‘em out. TG

Vendetta UKHC

If the slow pace of the sludgy doom wasn’t your thing then next up on the New Blood Stage were a true old school hardcore outfit. Vendetta UKHC didn’t hold back, and did Vendetta UKHC exactly what it says on the tin. Again underlining the fact that our provincial towns can produce top quality metal bands to match any that the big city boys can, M2TM competitions up and down the land are opening our eyes to bands such as these. Straight from the get go we knew as the band strode onto the New Blood Stage we had to hold onto our hats… Straight up brutal HC was the order of the day, frontman Adam C had the confident swagger of a man who has been there/done that. His rapid fire vocals were full of venom and fire, and combined with the blistering guitars and pounding drum & bass sections you could feel your blood rising. In my opinion, the UK Hardcore scene has been overwhelmed somewhat in recent years by the influence of a much watered down post-hardcore scene imported from across the pond, but there is a revival and it’s definitely good to see that it’s getting recognised through events such as M2TM and Bloodstock. TG

Ramage Inc.

It’s hard to believe that the unsigned Ramage Inc. not only has two damned fine albums to their name but are UNSIGNED! What is wrong with people? Well let’s take the positives here, the New Blood Stage were graced with the Scottish nutters and my word that was a performance and a half. They used the opportunity to their full advantage to truly inspire the next generation of Ramage Inc. fans with the ease of a hot knife through butter and the crowd was a big ‘un. They loved every moment of the classic metal meets eighties trad metal sound but this was no ordinary hair metal, oh no, this was more along the lines of Airbourne meets Iron Maiden, just utter brilliance. The catchy tracks got the crowd bouncing around like loons, the heads of the uninitiated were nodding away with satisfaction, even the stewards were getting involved, now that’s a damned good sign you’re doing something right. Ramage Inc. were definitely a highlight of the New Blood this year, their epic sound was infectious and the pedigree they were blasting out kept you gripped with their high tempo, solid riffage. AE


Bringing together slow but heavy riffs and beats Famyne brought the best of Doom to the stage with an eager yet very dark twist that spins the mind in-between realities and then some. This band figuratively embody the new era of Sabbath with intense riffs mixed with a bass tone that rattles the mind through consciousness and disarray. Famyne have really, truly impressed me through their set and honestly it’s hard to get enough of these guys, their style of music is so intense and maddening that it really sends you through a journey of your own creation just to come to realise you’re still standing in the same place as you were before. This is a band that needs to return to Bloodstock at some point in the future and next time play the main stage as it can be easily said that this is a band for the ages to come and a band that will surprise a generation. MC


The word “intense” is just not strong enough to do justice to Conjurer live performances, and today’s show was no exception.  This was not so much a live music show, but more of a visceral assault on all senses.  Their set comprised a good 30 minutes of being roared at and aurally violated, by their brutal, bloodied, blackened sludge.  Despite this, there was also something quite fragile and beautiful about their sound.  Even amongst the consistently high standard of bands playing the festival, Conjurer was one of the highlights.  Stunning. EB

After the Abduction

Taking to the New Blood Stage After the Abduction brought the pain; they were so incredibly intense and aggressive in their live performance, making the most of the short amount of stage time that they have been allotted. Both the band and the crowd gave an energetic performance, and it’s safe to say that even though this was not one of the longest sets of the weekend, it was was definitely one of the best, at least in terms of stage presence. DS


With some solid solo work and rather impressive drum work Mordrake brought their Viking metal meets black metal high tempo mash to the masses; the crowd was pretty decent and reacted well to the blended style of Mordrake. The riffs came thick and fast with their high tempo and high quality sound which gave an interesting feel for the dark style of music which is great; they really have shaken up the genre somewhat and I like that. They had some fantastic riffs to sink your teeth into with impressive hypnotic beats and notes that kept you guessing and head banging; a very solid set from the Bristol badasses. AE


Containing riffs and ideas that showcased Hendrix style playability and rough vocals that mix in well, we saw the band Regulus take stage at the Bloodstock festival bringing to the audience of young and old music lovers a taste of hard work and dedication to their craft. The band gave a taste of classic 60’s era brilliance with some rather interesting forms of creativity blended in to create their style of hard hitting rock. It can be easily said that this is a band that has been around for quite some time now and it only feels now that people are paying attention to what these guys have to play, personally this will be a band that needs to go somewhere and show this generation a thing or two about guitar craftsmanship. MC

The Face of Ruin

Bringing together a style of traditional yet very technical death metal The Face of Ruin brought a storm of aggressive mastery brought together using ideas from all over the tree of death and then some. What made this band so attractive in terms of sound and structure was how they pieced it all together in one whole mixing pot that created some of the most fascinating music we have heard in quite a long while. In terms of showmanship we saw a band that knows how to serve a grand helping of energy and power infused within their stage performance, and I’m the fans will follow them through with the kind of support we saw here today. MC


The band’s self-description of ‘doom, metal and noise’ was perfectly apt for the closing band of Saturday’s New Blood showcase, Poseidon. Closing the New Blood stage is a fantastic chance for any band, and although they were unlucky enough to clash with Gojira they gave it their utter all. Haunting vocals were shown off to great effect, and new material was brought out for the occasion. Hopefully, next time we see them here they’ll have a slot that doesn’t clash with one of the utter greats, so more people can see just how much they have to offer. AM

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