Bloodstock Festival 2016 – Jagermeister Stage – Saturday

10. Zlatanera1

Cybernetic Witchcult

When the opening song consists of dinosaurs and spacecraft you stand there wondering ‘what on earth am I listening to’? Well Cybernetic Witchcraft can do that to you; to say the lyrics are weird and a bit out there would be an understatement but to say the music is awful would be a lie. They were fun, with some seriously strong riffs and solos to boot; granted you have no idea what they were smoking when they came up with the songs but whatever it was, it was working and I’m sure others wouldn’t mind knowing their secrets too. They had a sound that reminded you of The Sword; the tent was packed out and for good reason, it was at least 4 deep outside the tent too (I mean seriously, get a bigger tent, Jägermeister!). All in all, a damned good set about dinosaurs, spaceships, nebulas and nuclear warfare, you can’t beat that. AE


Pulverise had a fantastic mixture of clean vocals and growling rap, ripping into the crowd like there was no tomorrow. They spent the whole set making sure the audience were with them every step of the way, focusing on making sure their fans had the best possible chance. Their cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ was an odd choice at first but good grief they made it fantastic! All in all this was an absolutely wonderful set, and the band should be hugely proud – if I had one complaint about their set it would be that they should have been on a much bigger stage… JS


Taking full use of the devil’s chord, Zlatanera put out a phenomenal performance. The massive influences of Black Sabbath were clear and let’s be fair, who isn’t influenced by them? Although there were some mic issues at the beginning, Zlatanera took it in their stride with some solid tracks and used the short set incredibly well. The crowd loved them and the band ignored the technical issues and used their professionalism to great effect. Those gremlins have been affecting a few stages this weekend so far; the Geordies were brilliant and to hear a Geordie say “this song is all about Satan” is hilarious, especially when the crowd started taking the piss out of the accent and to be fair they took it in their stride with huge smiles. Brilliant job, can’t wait to see them again. AE


Plagued once again by problems with the sound, Broken manage to pull off a solid set of really wicked alternative metal riffs and the vocals of screams to clean to rapping to harmonies, it was a hell of a range. There was a slight funky aspect to the vocals at times too, like Jamiroquai meets Parkway Drive, definitely interesting. The crowd was heaving yet again as the calibre for the Jägermeister stage was seriously good this year, each year getting better and better. The set was good, the sound issues were a disappointment but what can the band do about such problems. AE


Things were on the up for Manchester based Vice as they were given the chance to show just how good they were on the Jägermeister stage and they took the opportunity by the horns and ragged it until it submitted to them. The crowd was immense and it was no surprise either; they were the epitome of what Bloodstock was all about- ripping shreds, infectious catchy riffs and blistering drums. Tom was on fire and it has to be said this was by far the best performance seen so far by the boys; what this showed was not only were Vice learning but they were maturing and getting better and better with every show. An absolutely outstanding display from the Manchester lads and the crowd loved every second of it. AE

Vicious Nature

Ending the Jägermeister stage for the evening was Vicious Nature; technically headlining the stage they pulled off a standing ovation style performance similar to their show at SOS Fest 2016. Their chugging riffs kept the large crowd’s heads moving as they found their groove early on. The sound was spot on for the traditional metal 80’s style that Vicious Nature bring; their interaction with the crowd was on song with the bouncing, ever moving Andy Pyke not being kept caged by the tiny stage was using the crowd gating to jump onto to get closer to the audience. This was a good, solid performance and really took the bull by the horns. AE

Reviews: Aaron Emerson + Jo Spooner

Photos: Heather Mc + Rich Price


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  1. Hi guys – fabulous reviews as always and the photos – well just incredible (as always!!) 😀

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