Bloodstock Festival 2016 – Jager Stage – Sunday

5. Jukebox Monkey4-2

Jukebox Monkey

Catching Jukebox Monkey as I was passing by was a nice treat to the senses; they pulled in good crowd considering the clashed in the latter stages with Metal Allegiance. The bluesy feel to the hard rock style was just lovely and it gave the set some serious depth, the quartet used the minimum space they had on stage incredibly well making it look bigger than it was, the well-rounded riffs were deep and full bodied and the gruff vocals really added to the tracks. This was a really good set and the crowd were moving to songs at every opportunity; highly impressive stuff indeed. AE

Outright Resistance

Another band I know well as people and having seen them a few times , recently completing a successful pledge campaign and being invited to play the jäger stage only a couple of highlights of a warp factor year. Of course the jäger stage was never going to be big enough for these nutters taking their brand of groove metal to the burger vans, the sunbathers and anyone else within reach of Paige’s wireless mic, crazily entertaining, party popper wielding fun, expertly delivered with a strong message as infectious as they are serious and one of my favourite bands of the last couple of years. SY


Aklash were a hugely interesting band to watch and listen to. Starting off with a long, dark, rebellious intro from the vocalist, the band then launched into a stunning doomy black metal set. Watching the vocalist switch between a violin and a guitar was fascinating to watch, and there’s no doubt that this band sound both unusual and haunting. Keep your eye on this band, they’re going places. IE

Sodomised Cadaver

With a new bass player in tow and a new album just out, things are all change at the Sodomised Cadaver camp but that didn’t stop them putting on a great set at the Jager tent. It was almost impossible to get into the tent as the brutal screams dragged new fans in from far and wide, and I’m sure the band are happy that they showed the Bloodstock audiences just how good old school death metal can be when it’s done right. AM

Dirty King

Stoner/Desert metallers Dirty King were next up and the gathering crowd were anticipating a good set; this was full on huge stoner metal, full of demonic chords and loose strings which was great, however you couldn’t hear the main singer properly, except from his screams and although this got better as the set went on it wasn’t by much. I felt for them to be honest as the loss of the vocals throughout the set meant that some of the crowd lost interest; it was a shame really as they had a great sound that resonated with people and deserved better than the quality of sound they received. I still think we didn’t get the full throttle version of who Dirty King are and I will definitely be looking out for them in my area to give them another chance to really explode. AE

Attica Rage – Hot off the headlining slot of SOS Fest 2016 Attica Rage took the top slot of the Jager stage in style; with new album ‘Warheads’ making an impact on the underground scene this was the perfect setting for them to show off the new material and the crowd lapped it all up. They pulled in a large gathering that spilled out on all sides; the groovy riffs and alternating pace of the chords made Attica Rage a force to be reckoned with as they really got into their rhythm. As the sun was setting Attica Rage turned up the heat and the crowd reacted to it too. The heavy bass lines mixed with the high tempo bombastic riffs showed that they truly deserved to sign off the Jägermeister stage to this year. This was a great set and Attica Rage will not be easily forgotten in the minds of the fans that watched them. Finally they are getting their recognition and soon, they’ll be gracing the bigger stages. AE

Reviews: Aaron Emerson, Simon Yarwood, Ivor Edwards

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