Black Moth, Limb & Bones Shake @ Roadhouse Manchester 03/10/2014


After discovering Black Moth about 2 years ago, I finally had the chance to see them live, and I’ll say they didn’t disappoint at all.  At the Manchester Roadhouse, on a Friday night three bands performed and all of them put on a great set.  OK, maybe it wasn’t the biggest crowd and yeah, I can’t say that didn’t bother me.  However, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having a good time. It’s difficult with so many tours coming through Manchester for bands to pull crowds as big as they used to, but everybody who was there wouldn’t have been anywhere else for the world.

Bones Shake were an interesting opener, a very blues driven rock n roll band with a heavy side to them.  The lead singer was very energetic and really into his performance.  The music was excellent, with some very well executed slide guitar and some interesting licks.  I had never heard of this band before but I was sold on this performance.  If you get a chance they’re worth checking out, live or on record.

Limb. Well… This was intense. With a clash of noise and some of the brightest spotlights on a stage, Limb began their set.  With brilliant riffs and a badass tone, Limb just sounded great from start to end.  Their stage presence was outstanding; you truly felt like these guys were getting right up in your face.  The sound was focused and the use of the spotlights was gave their performance a little more gravitas. The riffs were absolutely supreme, they were almost on par with Electric Wizard and Sleep, mix that with some funky bass grooves and some amazing vocals, they were sure a crowd pleaser.

So here it was –  2 years of being a fan and it was well worth the wait to finally see the Yorkshire doom riffers Black Moth live, and they truly brought it to Manchester.  They came on to the stage and opened on the songs ‘Tumbleweave’ and ‘White Lies’ and instantly got the crowd going; the sound system of the Manchester Roadhouse did them justice making sure all those riffs came through as clear as a bell. The band just felt so tight and also looked like they were having fun on stage.  They kept a decent pace and tone throughout and setlist was well chosen and consistent, with every riff being shown off.

Black-Moth-300x300The newer songs from Condemned To Hope got more of a reaction and people seemed to enjoy them more than the older tunes, from where I was standing at least.  I mean I loved the songs in the set from ‘The Killing Jar’ like ‘Blackbirds Fall’ and in particularly ‘Chickshit’; they were fun and really enjoyable. Black Moth just had such an amazing energy that was so inviting, and it’s always awesome to see a band have a good time on stage as it makes the audience feel comfortable to let loose and have fun.  The set, however, felt a little short and felt as though it was over rather quickly, but I didn’t care I enjoyed and savoured every second.  I don’t think I’ll ever want to miss one of their shows again and with their rising popularity in the UK and Europe, I think most metal fans will be in agreement.

Review: Mick B

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