Antropomorphia Interview

1)     Let’s talk about your new album Rites ov Perversion. This is only the third full length record in over twenty years as a band, and coming very soon after the last one Evangelivm Nekromantia, how did the writing process start? 

Answer: I started writing music for ‘Rites ov Perversion’ back in the summer of 2013. I write the music, sometimes Marco (drums) co-writes with me. But we always start with a basic idea that I have recorded. We then go into Marco’s studio (aftermath Studio) and we record a first version of the track. Sometimes we don’t come back to the track for months and from time to time we change certain parts, the arrangement or we stop investing in the song. The blueprint for ‘Rites ov Perversion’ was ‘Evangelivm Nekromantia’. We were very pleased how that album turned out. The intention was to refine that sound. That was our main goal if any. Listening to ‘Rites’ I think we achieved that ‘goal’.

2)    Are you keen on doing exclusively full length releases from now on?
Answer: We tend take things as they come. So I’m not excluding any other sort of release and since I’m always writing new material there might be an a EP release between ‘Rites’ and the next full length, I don’t know. We’ll see how things turn out.

3)    What were the circumstances behind the band’s ten year hiatus and why did you decide to return in 2009?
Answer: There were so many outside and internal reasons that made us feel like we were trapped in a maze. Meanwhile other musical projects took of, record deals were signed and that swallowed up most of the time,  I myself got involved in management so the overall focus within the band wasn’t there. So putting the band on hiatus was a logical thing to do. I kept writing songs, which we would record at Marco’s Aftermath Studio and release on the Internet (I’m talking early myspace days). We would get together in a rehearsal room from time to time and when we did there was always this flame that ignited. So when time became less of issue, things followed its natural course, it wasn’t a clear outspoken decision. The flames and hunger that lingered within starting to become bigger and bigger it was something we couldn’t avoid.

4)    Listening to the album I was struck by how rooted it was in the classic death metal sound, and yet the exploration that you undertook through the various shifts and breaks felt really refreshing. How important do you feel it is to stay true to the fundamentals of death metal and how far are you willing to explore what the sound has to offer?
Answer: I think this comes from the fact that we started playing Death Metal in 1989 and getting influenced by albums such as Seven Churches, Scream Bloody Gore, Left Hand Path and Severed Survival to name a few. Those albums had a form of catchiness to them, which is something we always incorporated in our own music. As an artist you progress, the borders in which you create your art shift over time, meanwhile you can’t take away what you live and breathe musically. Although it’s very imported to honor certain elements of the Death Metal tradition, there’s no predefined formula or structure. It’s a journey, which you can’t plan; you let the music/creative process take you where it needs to go.

5)    My favourite song on the album is ‘Carved to Pieces’. I really liked the way it built to a real crescendo and went through several movements before coming to a big finish. Tell me about all about this song and how it was written?
Answer: It’s a misanthropic anthem, which took us almost 5 months to finish, the second riff was the first music written for the song and it was supposed to be the main verse riff. The rest of the music was written to serve the lyrics. In most cases I write my lyrics after the music is finished but this time I had the lyrics for this track ready and I wanted certain parts to stand out. The music had to compliment the anger & hate in the lyrics. We wanted the sentence ‘Carved to pieces’ to sound like a battle cry. Marco, our drummer, is responsible for the bigger part of the arrangements and he changed parts around and that really gave the song its outpour of power and hate. Evangelivm Odi Et Mortis

6)    Which tracks are your favourites?
Answer: This is always a hard one because I don’t listen to an album that way. So I don’t have a favorite song(s), they all have their own atmosphere, which combined together forms one big riveting morbid opus.

7)    Why did you include a cover of Death’s ‘Open Casket’? Was this just a way of paying homage or do you feel that it helped to solidify your place in the death metal canon? 
Answer: It’s homage more then anything else, Death and their album ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ really got me into Death Metal. That’s why we had some visual references to that album on our ‘Evangelivm Nekromantia’ cover (3 skeletal figures robed in red, one in purple). We started playing ‘Open Casket’ for fun in the rehearsal room because it’s a favorite track for all four of us. For some reason it really fits with our sound and style so we decided why not record it for the album.

8)    Do you plan on touring the UK in the near future? 
Answer: There’s some great response coming out the UK for the ‘Rites’ album from fans and media so we definitely want to come there. I believe our bookings agency is working on some things but it’s in an early stage so I can’t conform anything at this point.

9)    What does 2015 have in store for you? 
Answer: Playing live will be the main priority. Other than this we’ll see what comes on our path and how we are going to respond address to whatever this may be.

10) Do you have a message for our readers at Get Your Rock Out?

Answer:  Thanks for this interview.

If you’re into Death Metal cemented in the school ov old visit one of our digital outlets or be sure to add ‘Rites ov Perversion’ to the collection.

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