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Kill-or-Cure-Album-Cover1After some ‘tactical’ Google searches (“Kill Or Cure band” gives the band own website, minus the “band” and you’ll find all sorts), I was quite excited to see that Kill Or Cure are an upcoming band local to Manchester. Perhaps I should get out a bit more. Nonetheless, following a listen to this album I’m both entertained and pumped for a heavy night out, and hoping that they start to gig around here very soon. This is their first album, and for a debut album, it’s absolutely stunning. The musicianship on show is what you’d expect from a band with loads of albums under their wings, and it’s an amazing starting point.

The starting track, ‘Season’s End’, begins sounding like a typical metal track; thundering riffs, powerful vocals and flaming solos. However, the hint of groove (metal) adds an additional element which differentiates this sound from that of a Typical Metal Band, and starts to form a kind of sound very unique to them. The following track, ‘From Paris To Berlin’, had me rather amused. I don’t know the original track all to well, but I recall it as being quite a ‘clubby’ number. That’s not the case anymore! As covers go, it’s a well-chosen one, and lets the band play around.

There is a very consistent motif across the album, as implied and described by the opening track. Thrash-esque heavy guitar riffs are followed by dominating but melodious solos, and topped off with tuneful vocals. Kill or Cure have already started to make a sound that’s very much their own, which is a strong boast from any debut album. It’s recognizable as theirs as soon as you’ve listened to it a few times, and it shows huge potential is there, just waiting to be built on. I would recommend this album to classic heavy and groove metal fans. It’s the sort of music I’d play prior to a night out, whilst ‘woman-ing around’ or pre-drinking. The record is exciting, stimulating and uplifting in a musical sense – enjoy it!


Review: Nicole Morrissey


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