Kill Chaos – ‘PromisesPromises’

Kill ChaosIf only all bands came with the passion and intensity that Kill Chaos do- you just know these guys love playing, and  it comes through with every note on ‘PromisesPromises’.  It’s a funny thing that with all that manufactured pap clogging up the so called charts these days, the real music scene seems more alive than at any point in the past.  People whose ears and brains are still functioning properly have more choice than ever when it comes to bands to see and support and Kill Chaos are rapidly becoming something of an underground sensation.  This new album shows exactly why this might be.

Discordant and brash round the edges but with a curiously addictive aura ‘PromisesPromises’ is garage rock for connoisseurs, a musical Banksy whose quality shines through on tracks like ‘Falling Down’ which comes across like an early Foo Fighters song.  Don’t be misled by the analogy though because when this band want to they can shatter that smoothness with a near post hardcore grunge that would frighten most Seattle sound fans ears.  Best of these noisenik tracks is opener ‘Boy Done Good’ which has that loose framework much loved of the likes of Mudhoney.  Here though at least a modicum of musical self preservation keeps any excesses from derailing the whole thing, something that Mark Arm and co never really understood.

It’s slightly surprising to some people when they realise Kill Chaos are from the UK (Nottingham / Mansfield / Sheffield to be precise) because they have all the hall marks of a band from ……over there.  The give away apart from the odd Midlands twang in the vocals is the lack of polish.  That’s not to say they can’t play, far from it in fact, the writing and delivery is at times exceptional.  They just sound like a lump of freshly dug coal, natural and pure.  This is a band who sound like nothing a commercial radio station would want to play and I’m sure they’re pleased as punch about it.

Diverse, angsty and often surprising, ‘PromisesPromises’ could and should find a wide range of music fans that’ll appreciate its charms. This could well be the Midlanders time to get noticed on a bigger scale, based on this album they have plenty to offer.


Track Listing

1)      Boy Done Good

2)      Crush

3)      Falling Down

4)      Futures

5)      Got A New Drug

6)      We Came Here To Die

7)      Satellites

8)      Lets Play Politics

9)      Make Yourself A Smaller Target

10)  OK On The O.K

11)  Company Of One

12)  Fists # Pistols


Review:  Gary Trueman

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