Karybdis – ‘From the Depths’

Uk based Karybdis are on their marks to release their debut album From the Depths on July 2nd this year. The fantastic, breathlessly fast paced, dynamic and brutal group are going to set the metal scene alight with this brilliantly produced (Russ Russell – Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir) and highly polished album.
These guys are taking metalcore to the boundaries of trickery and mastery with their amazing way of blending metal styles into their songs. Power metal elements, hardcore, death metal and thrash brilliantly created and layered amongst each other in an awesomely professional, definite and supremely fitting way.
Crack open the first track ‘Minotaur’ and you are propelled into a brilliantly classy, pacey and keen as shit track.  The vocal sections are often screaming out at aggressively high pitches, then dropping lower to fuel the growling and angered sound. Singer Rich O’Donnell superbly adapts his voice to the pace of the guitars and drums, or is he dictating the pace – it doesn’t matter, these guys do it with ease, with gusto! Karybdis mix up sounds of the harder styles of metal with great artistry and meaning.
Damn, these guys have pricked my ears up to what’s happening in the metal world above and below the ground.
When you listen to ‘The Hour Glass’ pay attention to the fabulous power metal mix up with some brilliant hardcore and thrash. It’s genius. To the metal fans who don’t appreciate power metal, please, don’t let this put you off by any means, this is good stuff.  I’m telling you now, that they’re as good as a cup of tea is to an Englishman.  It’s what is needed and I think they’ve come around at just the right time.  Bit like a cup of tea sometimes. Or Jager….
‘Without Wings’ kicks off with fantastically fast guitars, and provides some amazing drumming (as does every song).  As with each song there is an absorbing and atmospheric feeling here and like each song it stands out among the others. What I mean is no one song sounds the same, each layered differently and imaginatively providing the listener with so much input you need to be in front of them moshing your brains out like a friggin’ lunatic.  If you enjoy the likes of Sylosis, Lamb of God or Chimaira then Karybdis will be right up your street.
Karybdis are definite pros and know what they require from each song, throwing down their mixture of styles, balancing evenly across the album creating a precision engineered, brutal sublimity. From the off I can feel the power of this brilliantly heavy and captivating metal. The rhythm’s laid down and the machine gunning of drums and guitar are there to abuse your senses in the way metal fans want to be abused. Songs breaking just right, giving you time to create that pit and kick off a good one just when you need it. Jesus, I nearly snapped my neck headbanging away to this, it’s awesome.
Wading through so much new metal on my quest for something to grab my attention, I am graced with this gem.  These guys are going places, when they get touring across the UK I will be sure to get involved with the chaos they’ll be reigning down upon the crowd, it’ll be a messy one.
If you are in and around or can get to London check them out on their official launch party July 4th at The Purple Turtle, London.

Track Listing

1) Minotaur
2) From the Depths
3) Without Wings
4) Arson Aesthetics
5) Worth It
6) I Say
7) Medusa
8) Maelstrom
9) The Hourglass
10) Deathtoll

Reviewer: Phil S

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