Burning Point – ‘The Ignitor’

As a fan of European power metal I was surprised I had never heard of Finnish band Burning Point. Blending heavy and power metal with catchy chorus’ and masterful guitar work, The Ignitor is the bands fifth studio album and I was delighted when it arrived in my inbox- yay a new band to get excited about!

My first impression of the album is that it is an impressive technical effort in both style and substance. The clean and sharp Priest-esque vocal screams of vocalist Pete Ahonen take my breath away. A delightful introduction to a power house album. Masterful  guitar work is allowed to flourish and, coupled with monumentally epic choruses, this is power metal at its very best. Feverishly quick riffs, full on fury driven keyboards, uplifting lyrics and a three-quarter pace honey coated chorus follow before a memorable, hook-filled chorus takes the album to the next level.   ‘The Lost Vibe’ has a curiously 80′s sounding opening that soon bleeds into upbeat riff (which juxtaposes fantastically with the quite dystopian lyrics), while opener ‘Eternal Flame’ demonstrates masterful guitar work and interesting vocals. Not quite a lighters in the air stadium rock album (it’s a little too heavy for that, however listen to track ‘Silent Scream’ if you want a strong power ballad), but certainly one that makes an impression none the less. At moments it sounds a little like Dragonforce meets Kiss, which can never be a bad thing. I do worry that the comparison may actually put some people off unnecessarily, after all a band has to draw influence from somewhere. Where some power metal bands produce songs that are needlessly long, Burning Point don’t mess about, getting straight to the point and hammering through good, fast tracks.
As a whole, The Ignitor is a very likeable album. It flows nicely, and the variation of tempo and heavines make it both interesting and exciting. Actually it is the first album in a while that I have immediately started up again once it has finished and it hits on a winning formula, delivering glorious hooks, riffs and blindingly brilliant choruses.


Eternal Flame
In The Fire’s Of Myself – Made Hell
In The Night
The Ignitor
Silent Scream
Heaven Is Hell
Loosing Sleep
Demon Inside Of You
Lost Tribe
Holier Than Thou


Review: Lisa Fox

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