In the Studio with Also Eden

1375717_704981552862962_1367443613_nLately, my music life’s been coming on in leaps and bounds, with all sorts of exciting things being thrown my way. I’ve been to Austria for a press conference, I’m in talks about organising a massive signing session and I’ve done a huge European tour, and it’s all been rather terrifying but wonderful. The latest thing to come my way was a request to head down to Newport to get into the studio with Also Eden, to document the making of their new album. I met the guys at HRH Prog earlier in the year (they called themselves the Sugababes of Prog, what was not to love?!) and I was unbelievably honoured that they’d wanted to bring me down to be the person to feature in it.

That feeling’s only become more marked while I’ve been here! I’m currently writing this while sitting in the studio listening to them do their stuff, and it’s sounding absolutely incredible. They’ve been around since around 2005, and this latest album is going to be album #4. I have been totally and completely blown away by everything I’ve heard so far! It’s emotive, the album’s flowing together beautifully and listening to everything coming together has been a wonderful experience. I’m feeling totally privileged to be a part of it!

The studio aspect of things has always fascinated me. It’s such a unique process with each band that I’ve ever spent studio time with, and everybody approaches things marginally differently. For Also Eden, it’s been the first time they’ve worked with an outside producer, so it’s been a new experience for them in a lot of ways too. They’re working with Andy Davies, who’s been working as a producer and composer for the last 20 years, and he’s been providing great insights into how songs should sound, what can improve them and it’s wonderful watching him put everything together to turn it into the final product.

I’m not going to spoil too much for you as you’ll find out all you need to know by watching the interview below, but I will say that when this album comes out, you’re going to absolutely love it. 

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